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Here at LoginBob, we recognize that businesses rely on information.  Everyday more and more information is collected or created.  This creates a monster that can help you or overwhelm you or your IT department. Let us help.


If you feel like your IT department is not handling the workload - especially if the IT department is you - it is most likely not their fault.  Most companies wait far to long to add more IT staff or hire inexperienced staff in order to save money.  We get it, payroll effects the bottom line. That is where LoginBob can help!  By using our Managed Services a business can protect its profits while still having the quality IT department it needs.




How you ask


Our Managed Services will remove the day to day time consuming task that waste your IT departments productivity. We will be the support for your support. We can deploy, manage and maintain voice, data, and networks.


Wouldn't it be nice if everyday you knew:


  • Your systems would be at 100%.
  • Your network was working smoothly.
  • There were no viruses on any system.
  • All valuable files were safely backed up
  • You were protected from a Ransomware Attack
  • Know if your website goes down before your customers do



Not only will we manage your systems, we will give you access to our Managed Service Dashboard as well! This will allow you to see your systems and understand the steps we are taking to maintain all systems.

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